You'll be able to download a demo for NieR: Automata from PSN later this month


That is, if you can remember the name ‘DEMO 120161128’

[Update: The NieR: Automata demo will also be available for download in North America and Europe on December 22, 2016, according to Square Enix.]

Well, NieR: Automata will be on store shelves comeMarch (or February if you’re in Japan) next year, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait that long to be able to try it out. That is, if you own a Japanese PlayStation Network account.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Square Enix has announced that it will be releasing a demo for the PlatinumGames-developed NieR: Automatalater this month. This preview of the game — dubbed“DEMO 120161128” — will be available on the Japanese PSN starting from December 22. That’s right, if you’re doing everything in your power to avoid dealing with family members this Christmas, you’ll always have NieR: Automatato keep you company. Rejoice!

And yes, I did have to copy the name “DEMO 120161128” to my laptop’s clipboard when writing this article.

I should probably mention that when Square Enix announced the Western release date for NieR: Automata, the publisher also mentioned on the original PlayStation Blog post that a demo for the game will be out relatively shortly. This does mean that it’s more than likely that this demo will also be making it to the West with an English localisation. Of course, it doesn’t entirely confirm that “DEMO 120161128” will be available in Western territories at around the same time as its Japanese release, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Thankfully, in the event that this demo doesn’t make it to the West later this month, it’s really not too hard for those who are impatient to create a foreign PSN account that you can use alongside your standard login on a PS4 console. The worst that’ll happen is that you may have a little bit of trouble with the menus, dialogue and so on. There’s no real harm in giving it a shot if you’re really so desperate to check out NieR: Automataprior to its March release. According to the publisher, the demo’s primary focus will be on the game’s combat, so even the possible lack of localised menus may not be too problematic, should you choose to download the Japanese release of this preview.

Or I guess you could wait. That’s also a possibility.

Mind you, I’m sure there are many Destructoid readers who would most definitely want to use “DEMO 120161128” as an opportunity to see how many camera angles will get them a good glimpse at YoRHa No.2 Type B (the game’s protagonist). It’s okay, I won’t judge you if you feel the need to do everything in your power to get your hands on it as soon as you possibly can with such nefarious intentions in mind.

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