You'll probably either love or hate this Minecraft limited edition Xbox One S


It’s certainly on-brand

The direction technology aesthetic usually heads is toward the sleek, chic, and on-fleek. This new limited edition Xbox is kind of the antithesis of that.

Just announced this afternoon at gamescom, there’s a Minecraftedition Xbox One S that certainly captures the look of the game. It’s blocky, earthy, and indiscreet. It’s Minecraft.

This edition comes with the console (1TB hard drive), the Creeper-themed controller, a digital copy of Minecraft, the Redstone pack DLC, a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass, and a 14-day trial for Xbox Live Gold. It’s priced at $400 and is set to release on October 3. It’s available to pre-order now through the Microsoft Store.

Love it, hate it, or have a more nuanced take (you show-off)? Regardless, it’ll probably sell a boatload.