Your next Switch NES releases are Donkey Kong Jr., Vs. Excitebike, and Clu Clu Land


Out in May

Nintendo’s Switch NES suite is expanding yet again this month with three games, according to a listing on the official site: Donkey Kong Jr., Vs. Excitebike, and Clu Clu Land.

There’s a bit of history with all three of these games, so I’ll go over them for a second for all five of you who still care about NES games on modern systems (I salute you). Vs. Excitebike is basically akin to a “Super Turbo” fighting game expansion. In fact that comparison is more apt than usual here, as the core addition is a two-player versus mode on top of new music and the option to save created tracks (imagine that being a big deal back in the day).

Donkey Kong Jr. flipped everything upside down as you actually squared off against Mario/Jumpman, who is now the villain. With wildly different vine-based controls it was a pretty amazing follow-up to what has since become one of the most iconic arcade releases of all time.Clu Clu Land might not be as impactful as the former two, but I actually managed to experience its maze navigation gameplay before I got my hands on Pac-Man back in the day, so it has a special place in my own personal history book.

As a reminder, three NES releases on Switch in the west is not normal: it only started happening recently. Previously, three NES drops were related to Japan-only, whereas the west got two. That said, you can easily just log in with a region-free Japanese eShop account and peruse whatever library you want.

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