Ys IX adds local co-op to its PC version


Pair up with a friend for some Ys adventure

Getting to play an RPG in co-op with a friend is a cool feature. Where RPGs are usually more well-known for their single-player appeal, games like Divinity: Original Sin and some Tales entries let you share the journey. And with a new PC patch, Ys IX is adding some co-op of its own.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox now has an experimental co-op mode on PC, thanks to a patch from earlier this week. Simply open up the menu and enable the in-game co-op setting. Then, at any point where there is more than one available character, a second player can hit Start on their controller and join in.

Ys VIII had a similar experimental co-op mode, though it seems like Falcom and the developers have expanded this out a bit for the Ys IX co-op. Rather than being limited to mostly combat, the second player is “largely equivalent” in terms of capabilities. They can open chests, start dialogue, discover landmarks, and more. Only map and menu options are restricted to player one, and both players can do character swaps as well.

NIS America does warn that there are certain situations and sequences which could softlock the game. One example is triggering a device that closes doors with the character controlled by P2, and then removing that player. Basically, keep some backup saves as you play.

As a feature for RPG fans though, this is pretty neat. Co-op RPGs can range in rarity depending on what type of game you’re playing; tabletop-style games have adopted good party systems, but Tales of Arise most recently did not have a co-op option. Seeing Ys IX get this co-op feature, even if only experimental and on PC, is pretty neat.

You can find Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on Steam here.