Ys Seven is getting washed ashore on PC this Summer


Watch out for boats

Back when XSEED Games announced Trails of Cold Steel I and IIfor PC, I was hoping for them to could give Falcom’s other Sony console-exclusive titles the same treatment. At the end of theirZwei: The Ilvard Insurrectionstream, my wish came true as they revealed their plans to release Ys Seven on PC.

Unlike your usual announcement, they used a pink Keromin, a musical frog puppet, tosing one of the game’s tracks before the big news. Best of all, this port won’t be based on Joyoland’sChinese PC release, and it will run at 60 frames-per-second.

With Ys Seven launching this summer, XSEED has a wonderful offering of Falcom goodies for PC owners. Since this is the first title to use the party system, we’ll get the chance to team up with Dogi, along with Geis from Ys VI.

As a person who missed out on Ys Seven’s original PSP release, I’m looking forward to slashing my way through Adol’s latest quest in the series’ timeline. One thing for sure, 2017 will continue to be a great year for video games.

XSEED Games [Twitch]