Yuke's will not be developing WWE 2K20


Maybe it will be good, then

Yuke’s will not be in charge of developing the upcoming WWE 2K20. 2K revealed the news to Video Games Chronicle yesterday and confirmed that its in-house studio Visual Concepts will be handling development duties for the foreseeable future. In a statement given to the publication, 2K said:

WWE 2K20 will be developed by Visual Concepts, who have worked with Yuke’s on the development of the series since WWE 2K14. As we’ve continued to invest in the WWE 2K franchise, we’ve seen the Visual Concepts team display incredible passion, talent and commitment to the future of the series. We thank Yuke’s for their years of partnership and are excited to see what the Visual Concepts team brings to the franchise moving forward.

This will likely come as a pleasant surprise to followers of the series. For all its efforts, Yuke’s is wildly inconsistent with quality when it comes to the WWE 2K series. Some games are hits (like 2K13 and 2K14) while others are absolute trash (like 2K15). It’s hard to tell which year will bring a worthwhile purchase and which will fill you with buyer’s remorse. Transitioning away from Yuke’s will likely produce a more consistent series, even if 2K20 doesn’t stick the landing.

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