Weird-but-cool shmup Yurukill: The Calumination Games headed west in 2022


Dodging The Green Mile

NIS America has announced that it will be bringing  G.rev’s new shmup Yurukill: The Calumination Games to the west. The crime ‘n’ justice-themed arcade shooter will launch on PlayStation and Switch platforms in the spring of 2022. Meanwhile, the PC edition will be published worldwide by Izanagi Games.

As we reported earlier this week, Yurukill is the bizarre tale of a group of (seemingly) wrongly convicted felons, who are offered a chance of freedom provided they *checks notes* team up with their former victims and battle their way through a horrific amusement park *rechecks* owned by a mysterious woman in a kimono and fox mask. This stage narrative provides the backdrop for blood-pumping shmup action, and the perps and vics don mech suits and enter the warzone.

This ace-looking title blends genres, and will see the player investigating their chosen prisoner’s crimes between stages. When not laying waste to swarms of enemies and intimidating boss vessels, the player will be responsible for interrogating witnesses, gathering evidence, and solving puzzles with an eye to winning the respective victim’s trust and clearing their own name. Frankly, it’s a fucking bizarre concept. But I love it, and I can’t wait to see how these two genres collide — performed by a colorful roster of fashion-forward characters — when Yurukill finally blasts off.

Yurukill: The Calumination Games is coming to PlayStation, PC, and Switch platforms in 2022.