Get ready for the zany sleuthing adventure Loco Motive in 2022


I see what they did there

I’m always on the hunt for some cool new indie games. I want something unique, fresh, and unlike anything I’ve ever played before — and that’s exactly what I think I’m going to get from Robust Games’ new title Loco Motive. The game’s first trailer dropped last week at the Indie World Showcase, and upon first watch I was immediately sold on the silly slapstick murder mystery adventure.

The game takes place on an opulent train, when suddenly a murder happens! Gasp! Now a “straight-laced lawyer, a crime novelist-turned rookie detective, and an undercover spy” find themselves wrapped up in the plot, and you as the player have to work out the case for yourself. As a fan of classic mystery novels, it sounds to me like Loco Motive is going to pay homage in a really fun way. If the name alone is any indication of the zany tone the game has, I think we’re in for a real treat.

Loco Motive originally began as a game jam project by brothers Adam and Joe Riches, and was then picked up by the publisher Chucklefish of Stardew Valley and Eastward fame. The Riches subsequently went on to finish the project under the banner of their new studio, Robust Games. The main story has an estimated runtime of seven-plus hours, is fully voiced, and has three playable protagonists.

The game is set to launch on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022, and players can find updates on the Loco Motive Steam page, as well as on Robust Games’ Twitter account. If you just can’t wait that long to give Loco Motive a try, a short demo version from the original game jam event is playable right now on I know I’m for sure going to add it to my wishlist, because this looks like one silly mystery adventure that I don’t want to miss.