This person got their revenge on the infamous Zelda: Breath of the Wild flower shrine caretaker


Magda is the real final boss

Odds are if you’ve played Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ve come across Magda, who protects Hila Rao, also known as the “Breath of the Wild flower shrine.” As an infamously overzealous flower-protector, she gets pissed off if you touch her flowers: which are conveniently blocking the way to the shrine.

Typically people encounter Magda early in the game before they acquire any tricks, and if you step on her greens too many times, she’ll Hulk out on you. In fact, she can literally kill you if you’re low enough health, or have the default starting heart count of three. That sort of NPC danger is exceedingly rare in Zelda, and reserved for Cuccos, thank you very much!

That’s why this video from BelowAverageFish, simply titled “satisfaction,” is so…satisfying. Using the moon jump bug, they glide right over the flowers and directly into Magda. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s efficient. If you want to know more about this variation, frequently called “the lawn mower,” there’s more info here.

As someone in the thread pointed out Link looks extremely Sora-like when gliding — and now I totally want him to be the final Smash Ultimate character so I can watch this happen. I mean, it’s a perfect fit!

Beating the Breath of the Wild flower shrine in style: