Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nendoroid animation will get your day off to a cute start


Toy Story

The creativity, patience, and skills utilized in fanarts will never cease to amaze me, as dedicated devotees offer up time and effort to creative projects based on their favorite franchises. Case in point: This delightful Zelda: Breath of the Wild animation, produced by the talented Animist.

The fun short sees yer boy Link as he travels across a lonely… erm.. study desk atop his trusty steed. As his horse tires, Link fortunately chances upon a large carrot, which gives his ride a little more “horsepower” than he had expected. But enough of my yapping, check out the cute tale below.

Animist follows up the brief short with an interesting “making of” video, showing the utterly painstaking process that goes into traditional stop-motion animation. Just replicating movement is intricate and time-consuming enough, let alone the extra hours needed to remove the stands from each frame and add visual effects. It’s incredibly intricate work, which is reflected in the excellence of the final film.

Be sure to visit Animist’s YouTube channel for further animations featuring the characters of Demon Slayer and Metal Gear.