Zelda's Master Sword returns…in lamp form


It’s $43

That pesky Master Sword is always getting lost in the Zeldauniverse. I don’t buy the “sword in the stone” prophecy of how its user must be worthy: I think some ethereal power screwed up when blessing it, and every time it fulfills its purpose it scatters to the wind like the Dragon Balls.

Well, a merchandiser found it again (as is usually the case: Nintendo doles out Zeldamerch like hot cakes). Merchoid is producing a run of Zeldalamps for 43 bucks each, which are roughly 12 inches tall and are powered by USB or batteries.

Zeldaalso has a long line of light-based products. I have this one, and the Triforce has been party to many lamp SKUs. There’s also a ton of fan-made luminescence, like this rad Guardian Sword.

Zelda [Merchoid] Thanks John!