Zen Studios is promising an update for Pinball FX3 on Switch after all


60 FPS in handheld mode, 1080p in docked mode

After some back and forth, Zen Studios has promised that it will, in fact, tidy up the less-than-ideal Nintendo Switch version of Pinball FX3. A patch planned for this summer will bump the frame rate to 60 FPS in handheld mode and achieve 1080p in docked mode for “all 30+ tables in the library.”

Previously, Zen had said it lacked the necessary “bandwidth” to handle this type of performance update, but clearly the fans have spoken and the team has since changed its priorities.

Leading up to the summer patch, the team will “still proudly stand by the current Switch iteration of Pinball FX3, which currently boasts a very respectable 83 Metacritic rating, and we will continue to release exceptional content in the months to come,” according to VP of publishing Mel Kirk.

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