ZeniMax gives out an extra five days of gametime for The Elder Scrolls Online


As a thank you for dealing with gold spammers and bugs

It’s been about four weeks since The Elder Scrolls Onlinelaunched, so we’ve reached that fated point in any subscription based MMO’s life — the date where everyone who got their first month free now has to chooseto subscribe.

ZeniMax notes that it’s had trouble with golds spammers since launch, and to alleviate this pain a bit, they are giving everyone five extra days of gametime. It’s a noble gesture for sure, but literally everyMMO has gold spammers — even WoWover a decade later.

They also talk about the future of the game, including horse racing, crafting improvements, new dungeons, and more. I’ve been playing ESOin tandem with FFXIV, so expect full reviews of both very soon. It’s been a busy April!

ESO [The Elder Scrolls Online]