Zero Escape 3 gets new name and release shenanigans


Escape once more in summer 2016

The third entry in the Zero Escape franchise was announced earlier this year at the Anime Expo. Today, we learned a little more about the 3DS and Vita game.

In North America, it will be known as Zero Time Dilemma, and feature Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland struggling to choose between her boo and Nelly what I can only assume will be another twisted tale of lies, deceit, and death. Not to build up too much hype, but Aksys Games says series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi has “pulled out all the stops to deliver the most compelling and mind-shredding gaming experience ever seen on a handheld platform.”

Whoa, guys! Try not to undersell this.

If you’re a fan of physical copies and you’re European, prepare to be slightly disappointed. Aksys has announced the game will be a digital-only release in the Europe. Players in the US get the option of physical or digital, probably as a reward for beating Hitler all those years ago. Pending any delays, Zero Time Dilemma will release in the summer of 2016, giving you plenty of time to play through the first two amazing games if you haven’t already.

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