Zero Time Dilemma is now playable on your PSTV


In the US

Good news, everybody. Aksys announced on its Twitter feed today that a PlayStation TV patch for Zero Time Dilemma is finally up. If you’ve been waiting to play the game because you only own Sony’s little neglected black box, now is yourchance to experience the horrors of The Decision Game first hand.

US ZTD PSTV patch is now live! Go to ZTD live area, hit refresh icon, orange icon appears in upper left of live area, allows d/l of patch

— Aksys Games (@aksysgames) July 8, 2016

Currently, the patch is only up in the US. Gamers in Europe will have to wait until next week according to the publisher.

Zero Time Dilemma is the final(?) game in the critically acclaimed Zero Escape series. If there is to be fourth round it won’t be because of Japanese sales. The game debuted to 9,291 units soldbetween the Vita and 3DS, less than the first-week sales of Virtue’s Last Reward.