Zestiny! Eat Taco Bell, win a white PS4


Disclaimer: The vast majority of you will not win a PS4

Want to get your grubby hands on one of those fancy white PS4s bundled with Destiny? It’ll cost you a fair sum of money — something like $450. That is, unless you make a run for the border and live más.

Beginning October 9, Taco Bell’s giving away a lot of these exact bundles. One every 15 minutes to be precise. All you have to do is buya Taco Bell Big Box meal and text the included code for your chance to win.

Look, your chances of winning probably aren’t great if you only play once. That’s why you’re going to needto purchase massive quantities of Taco Bell. Embarrassing amounts. And then, when you finally win, you can use all those boxes to construct a Taco Throne for yourself from which to play your new PS4 from.

Just don’t actually touch the white PS4. Your hands are grubby (remember?) and all that Doritos Locos Taco dust isn’t making things better.