Zombie Playground shambling onto Early Access July 28


It’s back from the dark depths of 2013

Back in the foggy past of early 2013, a game called Zombie Playground hit Kickstarter. Being inspired by a popular piece of art by Jason Chan (as seen above and also here), the game promised to feature kids caught up in the zombie apocalypse. It managed to raise $167,590 and beat the $100,000 goal.

Fast forward two years, and the developers have announced via Kickstarter that the game will be coming to Steam Early Access on July 28. The recent video released shows the progress made in the last two years, and considering they only had $100,000 to cover two years of development, it’s looking pretty good.

They may be a little bit late for the zombie fad though, I think we’re on dinosaurs or skaven or something now.