Zooey will join Granblue Fantasy: Versus on April 28, more DLC characters coming this fall


She calls the big one Bitey

CyGames and Arc System Works have announced that fifth DLC character Zooey will be made available for purchase in Granblue Fantasy: Versus on April 28. The ethereal dragon mom joins previous roster additions Narmaya, Beelzebub, Soriz, and Djeeta.

Accompanied by her dragon deities, Dyrn and Lyrn, Zooey arrives in the GF: V universe with plans to bring order to the chaos caused by The Singularites – namely Gran, Djeeta, and Beelzebub. With her dragon pals, lightning magic abilities, and expert swordplay, this petite but overwhelmingly powerful fighter should not be taken lightly by anybody.

Zooey will be made available to purchase on April 7. In keeping with all GF:V DLC fighters, Zooey arrives as part of the game’s Character Pass, or can be picked up as a stand-alone purchase.

It raises eyebrows to see Granblue Fantasy: Versus drop four paid DLC characters within its first month of release, but it seems that ArcSys is not done yet, as the above trailer’s climax reveals a second character pass, which will add Belial and five further characters this fall.

On the free side of affairs, more chapters are being added gratis to the GF:V RPG mode, with Episodes 41-45 scheduled to release this summer, and Episodes 46-50 landing in early 2021. Finally, the Granblue Fantasy: Versus soundtrack will be made available to purchase June 17.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is available now on PS4 and PC.