12 minutes of unadulterated Sonic Mania



The folks over at Polygon have just posted a 12 minute video of Sonic Mania showing off the first level of Green Hill Zone and Studiopolis Zone. The levels look to contain all of the classic Sonicstaples along with some excellent music. I, personally, love the animations that Sonic has.

I honestly don’t believe we are finally getting another classic Sonicgame. It feels like such a long time ago, even if Sonic Generationshad the fundamentals of the Genesis classics. Not every aspect of classic Sonichas aged well, so I hope Christian Whitehead and Headcannon aren’t looking at the past through rose tinted goggles.

No firm release date has been nailed down, but Sonic Maniais looking to release next Spring on PS4, Xbox One and PC. I feel the game would be ripe for a 3DS port (and the engine is based off of the mobile ports Sega released a few years back), but only time will tell if any other consoles get it.

Sonic Mania: 12 minutes of direct feed footage (Polygon) [Neogaf]