1979 Revolution explores the Iranian revolution


And not from an American perspective!

West Asia (the “Middle East”) doesn’t get great screen time in games. Mostly it’s a setting for contemporary American war stories rather than for stories of the people who live there. 1979 Revolution changes that, setting you right in the middle of the revolution that informs modern-day Iran, including the shift away from American and Iranian alliance.

Americans who aren’t taught much history (yo!) might remember a piece of this history recently dramatized in the movie Argo about diplomats who avoided being hostaged and had to flee the country during the Iranian Hostage Crisis that tragically helped pave the road to presidency for Ronald Reagan. Argo is, naturally, plenty full of historical inaccuracy and a trumped up American savior narrative.

1979 Revolution, too, seems to have a flair for the overly dramatic. And, ironically, Hollywood talent spanning 24 to Better Call Saul to American Sniper to Argo. It’s in development by Ink Stories, which is headed by Rockstar Games alumni Navid Khonsari.

I’m interested in seeing if all this climax and torture is just to drum up excitement for the first episode, “Black Friday,” as the whole affair was relatively non-violent, far as revolutions go. The first episode in 1979 Revolution is coming “early fall 2015.”