No Man's Sky can't be spoiled


Game’s so big, everyone’s experiences will differ

Don’t worry about avoiding videos and interviews regarding No Man’s Sky;the game can’t be spoiled, according to the developer.

Talking toThe Guardian, Hello Games’ Sean Murray said the sheer scale of the game means you can watch Let’s Plays and teasers about the game without having your own, personal experience spoiled by others.

“In this era in which footage of every game is recorded and uploaded to YouTube, we wanted a game where, even if you watched every video, it still wouldn’t be spoiled for you,” he said.

We wanted those discoveries to be meaningful in the sense that they could be shared with other players, all of whom existed in the exact same universe, rather than inside their own random dimension.

As for the hype? Can Hello Games meet the growing expectation?

“It should have been this triumphant moment,” Murray said, talking about his E3 presentation. “Nothing had crashed! Instead, I started working on the game through the night, trying to get it into the best possible shape to show the press the next day. The stuff we worked on that night? Nobody noticed. But, I couldn’t sleep. There’s always more to be done.”

People say to me: there’s never been a game that’s had this much hype and hasn’t disappointed everyone.Personally, I don’t find the attention motivating. When I’m not attending these trade shows to demonstrate the game, I make a real effort to block everything out. But it’s a constant hum of expectation, or like something hanging over you.

No Man’s Sky will be coming to PC and PlayStation, but we’ve still no idea when.

We recently took a peek at No Man’s Sky, taking in 18 minutes of the game, saying we’re “reasonably sure the first hours-long play session will be mind-blowing and totally captivating. If it can keep us hooked until we reach the center of the galaxy, or whatever we aim for as our end goal, we’ll have one hell of a game on our hands.”