1TB Xbox One falls under $300 again plus Battleborn discounts


The Xbone unload continues

The Xbox One inventory exodus continues. This weekend, we have a 1TB Holiday Bundle back at its historic low price of $289. From a big retailer, no less (Newegg)! Couple this with the other Xbox One bundle deals we’ve been seeing in the past week, and retailers must know something about the current Xbox One model that we don’t. Or you know, maybe they’re just doing some spring cleaning. No biggie.

Next Tuesday marks the release of Battleborn from Gearbox Software. The hero shooter is running for the usual AAA price of $60 on Steam, but you can nab a typical 20 percent off via GMG, slashing it down to $48. (The better 25 percent off deal is now expired.) This works on Deluxe Edition too and pre-loading arrived as of Friday last week. Keys are currently being sent out immediately after purchase. Interestingly, the game has NOT made the top-selling list on Steam as of writing.

Another big upcoming release next week is Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris. The strategy RTS at GMG has an even better 25 percent off coupon discount from $40 to only $30. Worth a look for Paradox fans. Finally, you can pick up a 12-month PlayStation Plus card for only $40 at Newegg’s eBay shop. These generally sell out fast and we’re rather surprisethe deal has lasted as long as it did.

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