4/20 Contest: Win a Steam (lol) copy of Devolver Digital's Weedcraft Inc


Steam lol drugs lol

Smoke the competition in today’s contest for a Steam copy of Weedcraft Inc.

Ok, I’m going to resist making any more drugs jokes in this post. There have already been like three, and that’s just in the title and subheader alone. Anyway, those chiefs of kief over at Devolver Digital went and gave us some more keys. And it couldn’t be a more appropriate title for this day.

Come win a copy of Weedcraft Inc. We won’t tell your mom.

Our good friend Nina Struthers has some sound-dong for your ear-butts.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to build your own pot empire, then you’re in luck! (And if you haven’t, shut up and just listen, anyway.) Devolver Digital’s first original IP Weedcraft Inc takes you into the world of legally running your own marijuana production company. Grow your crop, market your goods, and take over the world by providing your customers with the highest quality of bud in town. An oddly intriguing story mode takes you beat by beat as you rise up in the world of cannabis, all told as only Devolver can.

…I kind of love Devolver. Can you tell?

To enter to win, comment below telling us how you like to celebrate this high holy of holidays. I’m not saying you have to partake in a certain activity to join in! I’m just not condemning any such action. As for me, my band is playing a Legalize It festival, and we play at 4:20. Lol.

We have ten Steam keys to give out. Winners will be drawn Thursday, April 25. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to share your holiday plans!

Weedcraft Inc is available now for PC. Head over to PC Invasion for more chances to win.