The next wave of Smash amiibo are on sale now, Isabelle sells out instantly


She already has two figures and multiple cards!

While the amiibo train has mostly been a smooth ride these past few years, there are always exceptions: like this week, for instance.

The next wave (due on July 26) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimateis now on sale, but there’s a snag. A very Animal Crossing related snag, for once, given how little these sell overall. While Pichu and Pokemon Trainer are still available at Best Buy, Isabelle sold out almost instantaneously after going up on the retailer. All three sold out quickly on Amazon, who has become one of the most unreliable amiibo stockers in recent years.

While Isabelle is certainly a popular character, this news flies in the face of previous Animal Crossingamiibo trends. Nintendo greatly overshot the demand for the subseries in the west, where Crossing-related figures are still on shelves, deeply discounted.This trend is backed by the fact that Isabelle already has two amiibo figures to boot (two outfits) from the Crossingline.

Regardless, she’s sold out at the moment, so keep your eyes open if you want a complete collection. As a reminder, Nintendo is continuing the “premium” amiibo trend, selling them at $16 a pop. Reprints for old, pre-Switch era figures are still valued at $13.

Isabelle [Best Buy] Thanks Jim!