70% off Space Engineers in the Bundle Stars PC summer sale


Yep, never-ending summer sales

Digital retailerBundle Stars started up its summer sale earlier this week with hundreds of titles on tap. At this point, you’re safe to expect a major sale from every retailer through the entire summer months — so you can always hold out and wait for the “best” discount.

While it’s not exactly filled to the brim with AAA titles, there are some meaty deals in Bundle Stars’ sale. Our top pick includes Space Engineers, which rarely goes under $10, let alone the current $7.49 price tag. Other good picks include WB-published titlesMad Max for $12 and the Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle for $20 (a good game, if not a messy port).

Most deals will run through the entirety of the sale, which runs through August 22. But select titles such as Space Engineers will end soon in a few days (check the specific game and look for the “Ends in X days” notice).

Update: Space Engineer is part of current “Beat the Average” batch over at Humble Bundle.

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