One of 2015's lowkey best games is getting better


Also a fresh Xbox One release

I liked Kingdom a lot when I reviewed it last year. It’s a gorgeous building game that is incredibly simple to play (movement aside, there is only one button) that belies its discoverable depth, even if I took issue with the late game.

But that’s one of the things addressed in yesterday’s update (on PC, where it launched) that comes in line with the Xbox One release of Kingdom: New Lands. All 250,000+ PC owners of the original get the upgrade for free, while New Lands replaces the original game on PC for all future owners (though folks can choose to play the original version, retroactively dubbed Kingdom: Classic, if they like!)

Kingdom: New Lands adds a ton of new content including different mounts, mysterious new characters, a revamped end-game, and the introduction of seasons.” While I haven’t played New Lands yet — I went to check when it launched on Xbox One, but the update wasn’t live on Steam at the time — I’m excited to take a crack at it soon, and I’m expecting it to shore up some of the areas where the original fell short.

You can pick up Kingdom for $15 on Xbox One or PC.

[Disclosure: Hamza Aziz, whom I worked with here at Destructoid for many years, took a job at Kingdom: New Lands publisher Raw Fury some time between the release of the original and New Lands. This does not affect my opinion of Kingdom (good) or Hamza (handsome, but bad)]