A $1000 Sagat statue is a little too rich for my blood



A giant detailed statue of Dracula from Symphony of the Night in his “what is a man” pose? I could probably shell out a decent amount of cash for that. But Sagat clutching his scarred chest? $1000 is probably way over my limit.

That’s just what PCS Collectibles is charging though, so if you’re really into the Muay Thai master you can nabone when pre-orders go up tomorrow. Note however that the $1K pricetag is for the classic Sagat look, so if you want the headband sans-eyepatch model or the arms-crossed mold you’ll need to shell out $1,149.99.

I have a fairly strict “only Mega Man” policy for big statues, mostly because things can get out of hand in terms of space. If I’m going to get an absurdly priced doll I may as well have a place to display it! Though anything I’ve bought typically floats around the realm of $100, not $1,000.

Sagat [PCS]