A better look at our beloved Conker in Project Spark


DLC releasing April 23 for $9.99 / 1,000 Tokens

That last trailer for Conker’s arrival in Project Spark didn’t go over so well. There was no getting around the disappointment of seeing a long abandoned (but never forgotten!) character return not in his own adventure, but in a DLC pack for a videogame about making games. Sad stuff.

With all that said, this video sits a little better with me. It’s more informational and shows some of the “nearly 400 unique assets” (see the full details here) included in the Project Spark content pack. I mean, yeah, I could see someone making decent stuff with these building blocks.

When it hits on April 23 for $9.99, the Conker Mega Pack will include: Episode 1 of Conker’s Big Reunion, the Conker Champion, the Conker Creation Pack, and Champions Quest E1: Void Storm.

I haven’t even touched that Fast & Furious spinoff of Forza Horizon, much less tinkered with Project Spark, but if and when Conker fans make good use of these assets, I’ll have to take a look.

Conker: Hail to the Remix [Project Spark]


  • Conker the Squirrel – smash on fools with a baseball bat, SMG, and Context Sensitive powers!


  • Conker – with new default player control brain and Character Studio features
  • Birdy – with unique animations
  • Tediz – with Character Studio features and default enemy brain
  • Fajo the Money – “Hey, there’s some money over here!”
  • Key – with default wandering brain

Character Studio Conker & Tediz Features:

  • Groovy Afro and Mustache for Conker
  • Large, Small, and Missing Ear styles for Tediz

Character Studio Clothing Options for Conker:

  • Gloves and Bling Rings
  • Hoodie and Hoodie Bling
  • Sneakers
  • Lizard Monster Mask, Gas Mask, Panther King’s Crown, and Football Helmet

Character Studio Clothing Options for Tediz:

  • Military Helmet, Gloves, Belt, Boots, and Bullet Belts


  • Conker Champion Statue – remove the default brain to use as a prop
  • 3 Windy Trees, Tree Branch and Log
  • Windy Grass Patch, 4 Bushes, 3 Flowers, and 3 Rocks
  • Gas Mask, Lizard Monster Mask, Panther King’s Crown, Football Helmet, Tediz Military Helmet, and Groovy Afro & Mustache
  • Disco Ball – with default brain for rotation, effects and music!
  • *** – yep, we went there. And it’s exactly what you think it is – a sack of nuts.
  • New melee weapons – Baseball Bat, Frying Pan, and freakin’ CHAINSAW!!!
  • New ranged weapons – SMG, Stick Grenade, and Bullet and Bullet Casing. Everyone rejoice!
  • Plushy Stuffing – take that stuffed animals!
  • Beverage Bottle – have Conker equip this to activate special stumble movement animations!
  • Medicine Bottle – headache? Here’s the cure.
  • Tediz Head – SEVERED!!!
  • Drum roll please…. (I actually got a bug on this during alpha because someone wanted this in the game way back then) 3 kinds of Googly Eyes! And the Male & Female eyes blink when powered on/off!

Visual Effects:

  • Cash Trail and Cash Burst – mo’ money, mo’ effects
  • Stink Lines – well that smells stink of it
  • Cartoon Droplets & Splash – tweak the tint channels for cool customization!
  • Cartoon Fight Cloud – take that and that and that!
  • Plushy Stuffing Impact – bye-bye buddy!
  • Bubbles and Area Bubbles – awesome for making bubbling brews and waters
  • New Sparks Emitter – use this with the Chainsaw for killer effect

Icons & Text Boxes:

  • 4 Conker Logos
  • Conker Champion Logo and Health Meter
  • Chocolate Pip – yum!!!
  • Fajo the Money, Special Delivery, Flaming Bottle, Toxic Hazard, Disco Ball, Whistle Blow, and Reptile Eye – what will you create with these new icons?
  • 4 Comic style text boxes
  • Comic style Lightning Bolt, Skull, Star, Swirl, Moon, and Comic Icons Combo
  • You can use the new Moon Icon with the Comic Think text box to customize a character’s talk direction


  • Windy Grasslands Biome
  • You can choose this in Crossroads and Create mode
  • You can also create with the Windy Grasslands Biome Brush

Paint Materials:

  • 8 Windy Grasslands paint materials including Wild Grass, Path, Rock, and Tree Bark


  • Dirty Water – don’t drink it!

World Setting Filter:

  • Hazy – Dude, I’m in a fog, man. Far out.

Gallery Brains:

  • Pickup – Cash Wad – the default brain for Fajo the Money character in library form!
  • Display Money Count – displays how much money the player has picked up when combined with the Pickup – Cash Wad brain
  • 3rd-Person – Glide Fighter – essentially a simplified Conker style brain with hover action
  • 3rd-Person – Conker Advanced – slap this on Conker and all you have left to do is make a game for him to…um…conquer.

Gallery Assemblies:

  • 3 Tediz Enemies – Tediz Goon, Tediz Grunt and Tediz Toxo-Grunt
  • 8 Windy Grasslands biome assemblies – creating a world is breeze with these!


  • Over 50 sounds including Farts, weapons, chainsaw, and a slew of miscellaneous for impacts, explosions, and much more!


  • 5 Conker Songs – including some of Conker’s greatest hits, even Rock Solid [dance]!!!
  • 5+ Conker Stingers
  • 20 Music Stems


  • [Over 190 (that’s right) OVER 190 VOICEOVERS!!!
  • You get VO for Conker, Tediz, Birdy, and Fajo the Money! “Hey! Somebody come get me!”