You can get Grand Theft Auto V PC for $14 off


Rockstar DRM, yo

Grand Theft Auto V is out on the PC and it’s selling like hotcakes (#1 on Steam and concurrent players peaked at almost 300K). This is not counting all those people who bought the game from other retailers and are playing on Rockstar’s DRM (Rockstar Games Social Club).

If you want in on the action, you can slash $14 off GTA V for the PC, and enjoy it in glorious 60fps.

Side note: our coupon at GMG works on Mortal Kombat X too.

Update 4/23/25:The old 24% off coupon is dead, but a new GTA V coupon is live for 26% off. The code only works for GTA V, but MKX is also discounted in GMG’ VIP Gaming sale (login to see discount). See the links and details below.

    • Mortal Kombat X(Steam) — $44.99 (list price $60)
    • Login required to see MKX discount

    The voucher code for GTA V is only valid for that game and will not work on other titles. It’s set to expire on Friday, April 24th at 5PM Pacific.

    This deal should work worldwide (except Canada where GTA V for some magical reason is not being sold). Prices in UK/EU will be £30.40and €46.20, while MKX is £26.60 and €46.60.

    While MKX is getting some good o’ fashion DLC hate, the game is reviewing fairly favorably as the gameplay itself is strong. You can read thereview here. As for GTA V on PC, thus far it looks to be a decent 60GB port.