A Boy and his Blob will come bouncing onto Nintendo Switch next month


It creeps, and leaps, and glides, and slides…

Strange retro adventure A Boy and His Blob will be making its grand return next month, as WayForward’s colorful take on the classic 8-bit adventure launches on Nintendo Switch. It will be available on the eShop November 4, priced at $15.

The original title, A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia launched on NES way back in 1989, and told a cute tale of the titular duo as they attempted to save the latter’s homeworld. Although it was a very ambitious release, with the protagonist solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles via the blob’s shapeshifting skills, the game never really capitalized on its lofty concepts — being hindered by the technological limits of the 8-bit platform.

In 2009, Shantae developer WayForward took a stab at a full remake, which is the edition launching on Switch next month. This take on A Boy and His Blob maintained the same concepts of the original game, but saw them expanded and improved upon thanks to modern technology. In addition, the world and its characters received a typically lovely WayForward visual overhaul. The revamped A Boy and His Blob initially launched on Nintendo Wii, before later being ported to PC and other console platforms. While still a cult release, the remake found better favor with the fans.

The Nintendo Switch release appears to be a straight port of the 2009 game, offering up its lush, hand-drawn visuals, 40 original stages, and 40 additional challenges for a whole new audience. So if you fancy a bit of cute, old-school, puzzle-platforming action, it might be worth getting gooey all over again when A Boy and His Blob finally hits the eShop.