A fistful of Tekken 7 deals for release week


Stare into some savings

June 2 marks the worldwide release of Tekken 7 for all platforms, but the price you pay depends on what platform you play on. PC gamers will start at a lower list price of $49.99 while PS4 and Xbox One gamers are looking at $59.99. On top of that, PC players are getting further price breaks. That said, all platforms have some sort of discount that may be worth you attention before Friday’s launch.

Even with a lower starting price than console, several competing PC game retailers have bigger pre-order discounts onTekken 7. GamersGate is the best price with an 18% off drop to $40.99 — or $9 off the $50 list price. Bundle Stars is an alternative at $44, while GamesPlanet is a good choice for customers in the UK with a discount to £33.99.

Tekken 7 PC Deals

Tekken 7 Console Deals

Console deals on Tekken 7 have anasterisk, as they will require membership to secure the savings. You’ll need to be either an Amazon Prime Member to get a 20% discount at Amazon or a Gamers Club Unlocked member to get the same discount at Best Buy. Best Buy’s membership is $30 for two years while Prime is $100 for one year. We would recommend these programs if you buy at least three newly-released or pre-ordered games a year, but not just for Tekken 7.

Pre-load went live today for PC. All the above retailers are shipping Steam keys immediately after purchase so you can partake in the ~36GB download. After installation Steam indicates you may need as much as 60GB of free space.

Pre-order bonus on the PC includes early access to Eliza the vampire. The pricey Deluxe Edition comes with two additional playable character, new game mode, and tons of additional skins/costumes for your fighters.

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