A new Splinter Cell is reportedly not in development


Quit playin games with my heart

Despite constant teases and a recent cameo in Ghost Recon Wildlands, it appears that Ubisoft is not actively producing a new Splinter Cell game. In a recent episode of Kotaku’s podcast, reporter Jason Schreier stated that the company isn’t actively working on a return for Sam Fisher. You’re playing with my heart here, Ubisoft.

“I’ve asked a bunch of people about this because everybody wants to know if a Splinter Cell game is coming,” Schreier said, “Everyone I’ve talked to has said no, as far as they know there is no Splinter Cell game in production.” While Schreier has an incredible track record with things like this, savvy readers should note the wording he used. No one he has spoken with at Ubisoft knows if Splinter Cell is in production, so there could be a chance that it remains.

Still, I’m really not hopeful after news like this. It’s been almost six years since Blacklist came out and we haven’t seen anything resembling footage of a new entry in the stealth action series. That, to me, says Ubisoft probably doesn’t know where to take Splinter Cell. Copying Hitman is a bad idea and trying to go the Metal Gear Solid V route doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Fourth Echelon. With Ubisoft focusing on “live service” games more recently, maybe there just isn’t a future for Sam Fisher after all.

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