A recap of all of our Apple Arcade coverage so far, all the Apple Arcade reviews


More reviews to come

Apple Arcade launched on September 19 on mobile devices, and as of today, is available in most regions for the iPad and Apple TV. That’s a decent spread of devices for folks who don’t own an iPhone, and a Mac rollout is scheduled for later in October.

So what is Apple Arcade? Well, it’s a sort of grand experiment from Apple to reign in mobile game development under a monthly subscription umbrella. Priced at $4.99 a month (and shareable between family members) with a free trial, you can access roughly 100+ games by the end of the year. Right now there’s a ton to choose from, including two brand new WayForward games, an updated Frogger, and a puzzle title from Capybara Games.

It can be overwhelming to log in and see everything all at once, so we created a short little rundown of some highlights. Here’s a recap of our ever-growing coverage of Apple Arcade. Don’t sleep on it!