A ridiculously gaudy living room set for one big Borderlands fan


Some of it’s pretty neat, though

Avid Borderlandsplayers thrive on the thrill of picking up a rare and unique gun. 2K’s triggering that same dopamine effect for one lucky fan with a one-of-a-kind living room set. The winner better like the color gold.

Shown in the contest video is a couch and pair of chairs that would make any chic interior decorator cringe hard enough to strain every muscle in their face. If all the rustic gold doesn’t turn you off, the guns printed on the side probably will. Hey, we have a theme to keep.

And, more centrally tied to Borderlandsare the two coolest pieces of the set. A large loot chest acts as a coffee table, and a waist-high(ish) Claptrap doubles as a mini-fridge. Now we’re talkin’.

One US-based Borderlandsenthusiast will win all of this for their home. The contest requires creating a video (under 90 seconds) explaining why you’re the biggest Borderlandsfan. Post that to YouTube, Vine, or Instagram, and tweet the video with the hashtags #JackLoot and #Contest. And, if you win, you get to tell a story every single time someone new walks into your house.