A Serious Sam voice pack for The Talos Principle is weird and awesome


And free

The Talos Principleis a puzzler that requires deep and philosophical thought. Serious Samis, well, it’s pretty much the exact opposite. That’s why it’s so excellent that the latter will be doing voicework for the former.

Sometime today (although not at the time of writing), a free voice pack will be made available that inserts Serious Sam‘s protagonist into the role of The Talos Principle‘s narrator. Yes, this is basically “listen to dumb guy say smart stuff,” and that’s absolutely great. Even better is that it’s free until April 7, upon which it’ll cost a few dollars or so.

This cross-over isn’t without a bit more Croteam promotion. The Talos Principleis also on sale at a 50 percent cut this week, available for $19.99. If you consider all this a lot to think about, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the time you actually play the game.

The Talos Principle[Steam]