A Spec Ops: The Line sequel ain't happening


Probably for the best

Yager’s 2012 magnum opus Spec Ops: The Line has won much critical and public acclaim for its miserable but thought-provoking campaign, a take on the grim Congo tale Heart of Darkness. But, despite its status as a remarkable endeavor, it’s hugely unlikely we’ll see a sequel.

Recently on Twitter, a fan asked The Line’s writer, Walt Williams, why there wasn’t a sequel to the cult shooter forthcoming, and received a pretty straight answer, in which Williams remarked that the game’s development team “would eat broken glass” than make another one.

It’s understandable. Spec Ops: The Line went through a lengthy and troubled five-year development production, only to sell poorly on release, despite the game’s reputation among both shooter and non-shooter fans.

Frankly, it doesn’t need a sequel. It told an interesting and harrowing story of war, friendship, tragedy and psychosis, reached a conclusion, then sent its players stumbling into the night. It doesn’t need a follow-up, nor does it need re-telling in another form. Given the starkness of Williams’ tweet, that looks like the way it’s going to be.

Because it was a brutal, painful development & everyone who worked on it would eat broken glass before making another. Also it didn’t sell.

— The Walting Dead (@waltdwilliams) October 3, 2017