A Suicide Squad game may sound iffy but Podtoid has faith in Rocksteady Studios


Podtoid 454

Years of rumors about what Rocksteady was working on came to an end last week with the reveal it was working on a Suicide Squadtitle. With the David Ayer film tainting the property for many people who’d never heard of it before, can Rocksteady be the studio to repair their image? If the Arkhamseries is any indication, yes they are.

That’s just one of the topics covered on this episode of Podtoid. Occams, Charlotte, Dan, Chris, and CJ are on hand to talk Rocksteady, Fall Guys, how it’s too damn hot, Lego NES, Street Fighter V, and more. All that, plus you need to stop feeding your friends to bears, on Podtoid Episode 454.

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