A tribute to everyone's favorite Earth-friendly Final Fantasy job


Thanks, Geomancer

When you’re playing Final Fantasy, it’s easy to gravitate towards certain marquee jobs. A White Mage for example. Everyone needs a healer, right? You gotta have a Black Mage too. Oh, and a tank, like a Warrior or a Dark Knight. Maybe a Thief for utility…I think I just built my whole party.

Wait, who am I forgetting? Oh right, the most unappreciated class in Final Fantasyhistory — the Geomancer.

Geomancer, you can’t get no respect. But on Earth Day, you get all the respect. Like, Rodney Dangerfield and Jabberjaw-level respect. When everyone is content on destroying the earth, ripping it up for reckless Limit Breaks and fire magic, you mend it back together. Without you, we wouldn’t have dirt to stand on.


[art byoverdoor]