Jason Voorhees will be playable in Mortal Kombat X on May 5


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Instead of slashing teenagers, everyone’s favorite camping buddy will now be fighting against theMortal Kombat X krew. NetherRealm has confirmed that Jason Voorhees will join the fight on May 5, but only for those players who purchased the Kombat Pack season pass. Anyone without the season pass will have to wait another week to play as the ’80s horror icon.

NetherRealm has been quiet about Jason since hisMortal Kombat X reveal in March. Thankfully, that silence is ending. On May 4 the developer will be showcasing the character live on itsTwitch channel. If you’re still not sure about the DLC purchase or just want to see some good, old-fashioned Jason Voorhees fatalities, be sure to check out the livestream the day before his official release.