A Witcher 3 Switch patch is coming soon, could entail fixes for crashes


Have you gotten any?

Witcher 3, along with pretty much anything by Panic Button, became a gold standard on how to handle Switch ports pretty much overnight. CD Projekt Red trusted in Saber Interactive to deliver, and although nearly everyone was skeptical at first, the proof was in the actual 1.0 release. Somehow, the mad men and women did it.

But the Switch port of Witcher 3(“Switcher,” as it’s often referred to) isn’t perfect. There’s stuttering, some visual fidelity issues, and according to some users: crashes. While it isn’t detailed just what an upcoming patch entails, Saber Interactive has confirmed that one is on the way.

As seen on their official Facebook page in the comment section, a representative for the company explained: “Greetings! We’re working hard on the update, everything will be ready soon!” “Working hard” likely implies that there’s more afoot here than a standard stability update, and I hope all of the remaining issues are smoothed over. It’s incredible how they were able to fit the entire complete edition of the game on one cart from the get-go.

Saber Interactive [Facebook via Nintendo Life]