Abermore is a stealth RPG about planning out the perfect heist


You’ve got 18 days to put it all together

Four Circle Interactive, the team behind 10 Second Ninja, just announced their next project. Abermore is a stealth RPG with plenty of twists, turns, and challenges, and it’s also right around the corner.

Set in a world where future tech mixes with the Edwardian-era buildings and fashion, the city of Abermore will be the playground for many stealth escapades. Players take on the role of “The Unhanged Man,” a folk hero who’s planning out a daring heist.

Across 18 days, you can plan out new robberies, each with their own stories and potential. Whether getting new spoils to sell for resources or making new friends for the ultimate score, it all leads up to the Fest of the Lucky Few.

Get caught, and not only will a lockdown go into effect, but robo-knight guards will start to hunt the thief. There are thankfully some magic powers in play, that seem to help give players the upper-hand, or at least avoid detection.

The inspiration from games like the Thief series seems pretty clear, and we’ve been a bit starved for some of those. The run-based setup seems pretty intriguing too. Four Circle is saying “every campaign” will be unique, as new stories and opportunities emerge for each attempt at the big prize.


Thankfully, there also looks to be some goofiness that I’d be hoping for too. Yes, thieves should sneak around and play it safe. But why not also clobber a guard in the head with a plate, just to take him off a patrol route? Physical comedy is important too.

We won’t be waiting long to see what’s in store for Abermore. This stealth RPG will launch on March 29, 2022 for PC via Steam.