Abigail may look ugly, but he seems to have a lot of potential in Street Fighter V


More tech explored

Abigail might be brain-damaged in his Street Fighter Vincarnation, but if he’s formidable/viable, pros will pick him. Based on some early testing in the lab, it seems that way.

His OTG (off-the-ground) combo potential is pretty insane, and he’s hitting some really huge damage numbers with fairly easy combos. Combo master Desk perhaps shows them off best –several of Abigail’s basic abilities crumple his opponents and set up an easy OTG combo, and his armor (ability to withstand attacks and continue marching or acting) is insane. Then again his startups are pretty slow, so countering all of this is possible.

I’ve been messing around with Ed lately, but I might give Abigail a shot. I’d just have to use the alternate character model at all times.