Get your action-RPG fix on Xbox One with the Path of Exile beta


A skill tree lover’s dream

Quick, before it’s too late! Grinding Gear Games is holding an Xbox One closed beta test for its free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile. The actual beta itself is live and playable, but you’ll need to get your name down first to potentially score a key. From the sound of it, the team is sending them out in batches.

This console port will launch with The Fall of Oriath and all prior expansions. “While this expansion completes our storyline (for now), we’re not done yet,” says managing director Chris Wilson. “Our team is passionate about the world we’ve created and the fans who join us there. We’re committed to bringing even more Path of Exile content to your living room in the coming months and years.”

The Xbox One beta is expected to run for the next three weeks, and Grinding Gear will be listening for feedback related to the build’s “content, controls, and user interface.”

Xbox One beta sign-up [Path of Exile]