About that Shenmue 3 budget…Sony is helping


Two million seems a bit low, eh?

A few hours after Shenmue 3 was revealed for the PC and PS4 at Sony’s conferencein Kickstarter form,and all of the tears of screams of joy were over and done with, a lot of people collectively realized — two million dollars is a bit low for a Shenmuebudget, innit? After all, the original Shenmue ended up costing$70 million.

Well, the mystery has been solved, as Sony’s Director of Third Party ProductionGio Corsi revealed earlier today that the two million goal was to essentially gauge interest (pre-orders, basically), and Sony would help “make it a reality.” Exact dollar amounts weren’t given, but the words “partner” were used. Other platforms remain “undecided” as per the Kickstarter itself, but this pretty much confirms Sony exclusivity of some kind, or at least heavily implies it.

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