Activision exec promises Guitar Hero isn't getting annualized again


‘No Guitar Hero in 2016’

Hey, remember when Activision released a Guitar Hero game every year, and in some cases, multiple times annually? Until Warriors of Rock killed off the franchise, of course.

Well now the series is back later this year with Guitar Hero Live, and the publisher is already keen to let you know that there will not be another game in 2016. Speaking to Game Informer, Tyler Michaud, the senior director of product management, stated, “It is not in our plan to put out a new disc in 2016.”

Don’t fret though, as Activision has likely found a more lucrative way of selling you stuff constantly — DLC. Michaud says it best: “When you look at what [Guitar Hero Live‘s GHTV] can do, we can bring you that new content and new ways to play without having to ship you a new disc.”

I also wouldn’t count out new mobile iterations, or maybe even things like Guitar Hero: Taylor Swift spinoffs. If Livereally takes off and blows up sales records you know they won’t leave it alone.

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