Capcom pulls a bait and switch for newly announced Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter


Wait, this isn’t Puzzle Fighter

I was in the middle of dinner, eating some mashed potatoes, and someone texted me “hey, there’s a new Puzzle Fightercoming out from Capcom.” Holy shit! You’re telling me that Capcom is resurrecting one of my favorite puzzle franchises ever? My heart skipped a beat. Then sunk into my chest after I actually read what it was.

It’s calledGhostbusters Puzzle Fighter, but it’s on iOS and looks like a Bejeweled/Candy Crush ripoff. I mean, just look at it. Really Capcom? I mean, maybe it’ll be good when it drops in June, I’m always willing to give something a shot, but you can’t just namedropPuzzleFighterlike that.

It hurts.

Announcing Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter for iOS [Capcom Unity]