Activision will reveal new Call of Duty title before the end of June


Lock ‘n’ load for another round of military mayhem

Activision has announced that the next installment in their infinity billion dollar-making Call of Duty franchise will be officially announced before next month is out. The smart money is on this next entry in the long-running shooter series being Modern Warfare 4.

The announcement of the announcement came via an Activision investor call, and is in keeping with the last Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, which was also revealed before E3, rather than at the video game industry’s biggest event. It is expected, as usual, that this year’s CoD will arrive around October/November of this year, with Activision expecting it to do well. Funny, that.

Other than the above, very little is known about the new game, though it is heavily rumoured to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Oddly, the mystery sequel has in fact already been played by, of all people, a small selection of pro footballers, who got to check out the title behind closed doors last month.