Is this Fallout 4 mod kawaii enough for you?


So desu ne

It’s been a minute since I’ve thought about Fallout 4. Amid all of the death threats I got when I gave it a respectable 7.5 before anyone else actually played it, I enjoyed the sweet sounds of “actually, that sounds about right” after it came out.It’s no New Vegas, but then again, what is?

I’m definitely considering booting it up again though after witnessing this ridiculous mod, which came across my desk compliments of our own Deadmoon. It’s called “Animerace Nanakochan,” and turns all of the women in the game into anime characters. It’s literally another race that’s being added to Fallout 4, making it easier to implement than normal, and allows for “most hairstyles.” You can download it here, from modderhiyokomod, who credits VRoid Studio for doing a lot of the legwork.

While this is far from Fallout: The Anime, there is definitely someone, somewhere, that’s planning a full-on suite package to turn Fallout 4into something else entirely: a One Pieceadventure where we find that the One Piece was the friends we made along the way is always an option. As is a Saitama punching simulation. One of these already exists.

Thankfully in this era of monetization free mods are still proliferating, despite publisher’s best efforts.