After ages of teasing Freedom Planet is finally confirmed for Switch


Freedom Planet 2 is still in development

At this point pretty much anyone who wants to get their game on the Switch, especially indie studios who don’t need concessions for massive AAA-powered game engines, can do it.

It might be a longer road for some than others depending on their relationship with Nintendo and their ability to access developer kits, but I’ve spoken to many very small outfits that have either launched a game on Switch or are in the process of porting for it — the horizon looks good for Nintendo. Anyway, all of those “[x] sells best on Switch” instances have helped emblazon developers like GalaxyTrail, who can now officially confirm the release of Freedom Planet on the system.

This is after months of teasing, mind, and no guarantees, but now that a window is set in stone it’s pretty much a done deal. That window is “this fall,” and to prove it Freedom Planet Switch will be playable at E3. How about that!