After years of being in limbo, the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game is coming back in January


Finally, a release date

Licensing is messy! And in this age of streaming, where different studios produce content and license it out to various services, retaining control of your creation can really suck.

That’s basically what happened with 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, a beat ’em up released to rave reviews and fan reception that was basically nuked from existence. Just four years after it was released, it was delisted from every marketplace available: sent to the ether…forever? No! As it turns out.

Earlier this year it was revealed that the powers that be had reached an agreement to re-release the game as a “Complete Edition,” which would see it arrive on PC once more, as well as the new platforms of PS4, Switch, Stadia, and Xbox One. As far as we knew Ubisoft was sticking to the “holiday 2020” timeline, but we’ve just learned today from the game’s official social accounts that we’re looking at a January 14, 2021 launch on all platforms. It’ll help usher in a fairly busy mid-to-late January for games.

The greater proliferation of platforms ensures that it’s going to be a little harder to keep down this time (especially the Switch). If it does happen again, the community will likely be ready.

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